COVID-19 Update

Please note this document has been written in accordance with current Scottish Government guidance however requirements may change as new guidance is published


  • Please be aware that all guests over 16 years old will need to download the app check in Scotland for more information please go to   Check In Scotland – News | .Upon arrival all people over 16 will be required to scan the QR code at reception.

  • Contactless check in – this will be facilitated by pre-booking and taking payment via our website. Where this is not possible booking in will take place at a dedicated terminal which will be sanitised regularly. Contactless payment will be required wherever possible.
  • The reception, shop and Coffee shop (takeaway only) will be open but for reduced times and with limited numbers permitted to enter at any one time. Hand sanitisation on entry will be required together with contactless payment wherever possible.
  • Pitch social distancing – our pitches have six-metre spacing and we ask you to park centrally on the pitch and not to walk across other pitches.
  • There will be signs and floor markings as a reminder to keep two metres from other people (or as current guidance requires).
  • Although facilities are open, we would strongly advise you to use your own facilities in your unit as much as possible – this will help us manage demand and queuing as well as helping to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Toilet blocks, laundry and washing up areas are open and will one deep clean a day with 3 supplementary cleans of touch points. All cleaning will take place in accordance with current guidelines using approved virucidal products.
  • Prior to entering facilities all people will be expected to use the hand sanitiser stations provided and to wear a face covering whilst in the facility(unless they have a medical reason for not doing so) Face coverings should only be removed for the purposes of washing and showering .The numbers of people permitted in each facility at one time is displayed outside each facility and we ask you to check before entering and ensure this number is not exceeded. Pease ensure you que in the appropriate place and to not cause congestion around entrances.
  • Please make sure you bring essential items with you since local shops will be busy and have reduced capacities due to Covid19 restrictions.
  • When visiting the local area, we would ask you to respect the measures in place in local shops and to understand the apprehension of local residents to the influx of visitors and the risks this brings to an isolated community.
  • Please follow hand washing and sanitisation guidance displayed onsite
  • All visitors are requested to bring with them their own supplies of soap and hand sanitiser since those at the toilet block are there to protect everyone entering and leaving the facilities and must not be removed or tampered with.
  • Where campers repeatedly fail to follow the guidance, they may be asked to leave the site to protect staff and other campers
  • Finally, we realise these restrictions will change the experience of your holiday with us but they are in place to protect everyone and allow us to open and offer holidays at Ardmair this year. If you have any concerns regarding any of the above please speak to a member of staff.
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